Our teachers

Our Teachers

Below you can find the list of our teachers

Oliviero Bonetti – Osteopath, D.O. | teacher profile
Dr. Daniela Willems – Research Biologist | teacher profile
Dr. Valerio Chiurchi├╣ – Research Biologist | teacher profile
Dr. Giuseppe Morelli, M.D. – Medical Surgeon Doctor | teacher profile

About us

“Gamma Wave – Advanced Osteopathic Education and Training” deals with dissemination and cultural study to improve the preparation of osteopathic professionals, because having confidence in the complicated processes that govern the functioning of the human body is essential to practice the true Osteopathic Medicine.


Organize high-profile post-graduate and monothematic courses, spread the traditional osteopathic concepts revised in the light of modern scientific knowledge, organize events, conferences, cultural meetings, scientific salons to promote the deepening of knowledge and comparison between different disciplines, produce publications.

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